Gate Series

2008 was the Hebraic year of "New Beginnings" or "Open Gates". In Consideration of gates I would like to see open to me, and gates that reveal promised journeys I have yet to take, I began to pursue the embarkment of these "New Beginnings". The revelations led to the paintings. Each is a very personal and deeply spiritual journey. I have been surprised at times at the outcome, surprised but completely pleased. What began for me in 2008 continues to be an exciting adventure today.

River's Edge Series

He didn't know what would happen tomorrow. He didn't know that he would soon have to stand before a crowd of thousands and confront and challenge the priests of Baal. He didn't know that he would soon call down the fires from heaven to prove that God is who He says He is. He only knew to go to the Kerith ravine, to the river, until God gave additional instructions.

I often read passages like this and wonder how men like Elijah acquire so much faith. One day while reading this story, I believe I understood. You see there was a draught in the land. Can you picture Elijah sitting by the river, drinking from it, depending on it for life, and watching daily, as the weather conditions affected the water? He watched as the river began to grow narrow. It soon became nothing but a stream, and he had to walk through the mud to get his drink. Then the riverbed dried and cracked and the water became only a trickle, and finally little puddles until it was gone. The word says that, after the river dried up, then God told Elijah what to do. I suddenly saw myself at the river's edge. Like Elijah, I had been sent there to depend on and be with God, but instead, I spent my time building a dam to make the water last longer.

This series portrays the beauty of the riverbank, where the water is shallow and slaps on the rocks and grass that project above the water's surface. That place where you can sit and drink the cold water, and "be still and know God", because you are refreshed and God is in control. This series reminds me to sit there, in a position of submission, and allow the process, so that one day I might have the faith of Elijah.

Sanctuary Series

There's a place I'm drawn to. The trees jut up from a bank where floodwaters cut away the dirt exposing their root systems. The roots are wrapped around many rocks, some boulders, some pebbles. Still one tree in particular grows to be the tallest in the forest.

One day it occurred to me that I loved this place because it was a sanctuary to me. Everything about it represented something meaningful to my life. The trees themselves are a home for animals; provide wood to build a home for me. They are essential to my life, even as much as serving to purify the very air I breathe. Of course, to the believer, the tree is symbolic of the cross, also essential to my life.

I began to realize the roots and rocks too were symbolically important. Liken to life, the rocks represent barriers, problems. Some of our problems are boulders, some are pebbles, but if we allow God to wrap our roots around them, we too can grow to be tall and strong. This is most noticeably revealed when the floodwaters come and expose our roots.

I reveal my roots in these paintings.


Various other works.